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B-LineDirect are specialists in all long distance journeys, particularly  for Airport,s Seaports, National and International Rail Stations B-LineDirect Airport Taxis serving Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, Southampton Airport, Southampton Docks, Tilbury and Dover Docks. Ebbsfleet, Ashford, St Pancras, Euston and Picadilly

Minimum 24 hours notice

required for all bookings

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        From Eastbourne ...

  Ebbsfleet                     £90

   Dover                          £95

   Tilbury                       £125

   Ashford                        £70

  Brighton                       £35

   London                       £105

    Gatwick                      £55

   Southampton            £115

   Heathrow                    £85

   Luton                         £160

   Stansted                   £120

The Above Rates for up to 4 passengers and 3x20kg family size cases + hand luggage. An additional charge will apply for a larger vehicle for up to 8 people and 8x20kg family size cases + hand luggage.

The above rates do not include Congestion, Toll, Parking or agreed Waiting Charges.