© Airport Taxi To 2023

Contact by email or text to

 (+44) 07474 292 369

A Minimum 24 hours  notice is required for all bookings and enquiries,

which will be attended to within 12 hours

All prices quoted are base rates and do not include road tolls, congestion charges, parking, excessive delays and/or only as specified.

Terms and conditions. (16th July 2023).

1. We, the Company, B-LineDirect, require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all bookings.

2. All bookings/enquiries will be attended to within 12 hours.

3 A mobile number and an email address must be provid with the Passenger's enquiry/booking.

4 All bookings must be prepaid and received no later than 3 working days before departure. Payment can be made by a free Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit Card. Payment by Credit/Debit card will incur an administration fee which is charged by the Virtual Card Reader Supplier. In the event of a cancellation, due to a confirmed flight cancellation, a certified illness, etc, the Payer will receive a full refund provided that we, the Company, B-LineDirect, are advised at least 5 hours before the arranged and confirmed pickup/journey time; email to, text to (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+33) 07 63 11 54 10.

5. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share Passenger's details with any third parties.

6. Due to ongoing security, health and safety measures and immigration procedures at all UK Airports and Seaports, additional parking fees will be the responsibility of the Passenger/Passengers unless otherwise agreed. However, all rates quoted will include up to 30 minutes of free parking. All rates quoted are for fares only. Toll, Congestion, Excess Parking, Waiting and Drop off Charges, are the Passenger's responsibility.

7. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be issued. Beyond this we are not liable for any additional costs incurred or the loss of any monies paid by the Passenger/Passengers.

8. Passengers are expected to make contact with their driver on arrival at Airports, Seaports avoid any unnecessary parking charges. It is the responsibility of the Passengers to allow sufficient time for travel to Airports, Seaports etc. Passengers are expected to be availabl at the agreed time and the meeting point. Passengers may be denyed boarding for a late check-in.

9. The Company and the Driver will make every effort to monitor Flight Arrival/Departure times for all bookings, however it remains the responsibility of the Passengers to notify the Company or the Driver of any changes to travel arrangements, including delays at Border Control and Baggage Reclaim etc.

10. The Company and Driver reserve the right to refuse a Passenger or Passengers on the grounds of safety, for fellow Passengers and Drivers.

11. The Driver reserves the right to refuse excess luggage, on the grounds of safety.

12. The Driver may request assistance loading and unloading the vehicle.

13. The Company and Driver can not be held responsible for loss or damage to Passengers luggage or personal effects.

14. The Company and Driver can not be held responsible for delays due to traffic incidents, weather, diversions or breakdowns. The Driver reserves the right to take the best route possible to the Passengers destination.

15. Smoking and the consumption of Alcohol or Food is forbidden inside all our vehicles.

16. Should our vehicle require valeting as result of illness or otherwise, the Passenger/Passengers will incur a charge of £80.00.

17.The cost of damage caused by the Passenger/Passengers to the vehicle will be the Passenger’s responsibility.

18. All complaints should be notified to the Company within 24 hours

19  Nothing contained in these terms and conditions can affect your statutory rights. We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions and Rates at any time and without prior notice.